Scholastic Year 3 Learning Pack [5 BOOKS] KS2 SATs textbooks and workbooks for English and Maths with FREE P&P.

This pack contains 5 books. Year 3 SATs KS2 6-Pack Age 8-9 Learning for English & Maths by Scholastic .
Manufacturer: Scholastic
SKU: Scholastic Year 3 Learning Pack [5 Books]


  • Fulfils Ofsted and DfE requirements for teaching and learning
  • Reduces teacher workload with quality activities you can trust
  • Each chapter is based on a key curriculum area for maths
  • Allows children to solve maths problems, talk, practice and revise
  • Covers objectives specifically matched to the maths curriculum


  • Quickly builds confidence and understanding
  • Simple exercises with fun illustrations

Ideal purchase at the beginning of year 3 for use throughout the year.

Maths Textbook.
ISBN: 9781407160214 88 pages Paperback

English Textbook.
ISBN: 9781407160139 80 pages Paperback

Comprehension Workbook
ISBN: 9781407141794 72 pages Paperback

Grammar & Punctuation Workbook
ISBN: 9781407140711 96 pages Paperback

Spelling and Vocabulary Workbook
ISBN: 9781407141893 80 pages Paperback

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