Letts Year 6 KS2 SATs Exam Revison Pack [5 BOOKS] for English, GPS, Maths & Science with FREE P&P.

This pack contains 5 books consisting of a combined English, GPS, Maths and Science test book as well as separate revision guides for English, GPS, Maths and Science.
Manufacturer: Collins (Letts)
SKU: Letts Year 6 KS2 SATs Exam Revison Pack [5 BOOKS]

Combined KS2 Year 6 SATs Tests for English, GPS, Maths & Science
ISBN: 9781844199334  Paperback  264 pages

6 sets of tests plus Science practice. Prepare with realistic SATs-style questions. Check the answers to see how well you're doing These practice papers have been made ready for the 2018 tests, so you can be too! They include 2 sets of Maths tests, 2 sets of English reading tests, 2 sets of grammar, punctuation and spelling tests and Science practice. They have everything you need to take and mark the tests, making it really simple to prepare for your SATs.

Revision Guides:

However you like to learn, Letts will get you through your test.  Listen up and learn more with free audio. Have a go with hands-on activities. Try SATs questions like the ones in the tests. Pick up top tips along the way This guide has been made ready for the 2018 tests, so you can be too!

English Revision Guide: ISBN: 9781844199235  Paperback 96 pages.
Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation Revision Guide: ISBN: 9781844199259 96 pages.
Maths Revision Guide Paperback ISBN: 9781844199242  96 pages.
Science Revision Guide  ISBN: 9780008282899   96 pages.

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