Scholastic Year 5 10 Minute Tests [3 BOOKS] KS1 SATs English, GPS and Maths.

This pack contains 3 books. Year 5 KS2 SATs 3-Pack age 9-10 Scholastic 10-Minute Tests
Manufacturer: Scholastic
SKU: Scholastic Year 5 Mock Test Pack [3 Books]

Year 5  KS2 SATs 3-Pack age 9-10 Scholastic 10-Minute Tests

Just like the real thing – only shorter! Get on track for SATs success with  quick-fire mini Scholastic practice tests.

  • Bite-size SATs practice tests which take just 10 minutes to complete
  • 10 minute mini tests covering all the must-know National Test topics
  • Question types and mark schemes matched to the real test format
  • A simple way to check children’s understanding of key topics
  • Includes a skills check chart to help you measure progress

A great way to build confidence, track progress and identify gaps in children’s learning, all in a handy mini format that slots neatly into your day.

Year 5 English GPS 10-Minute Tests        
his book offers 10 complete Grammar and Punctuation tests and 10 Spelling tests
ISBN: 9781407175188   64 pages  Paperback

Year 5 English Reading 10-Minute Tests  
This book offers 10 mini-tests
ISBN: 9781407175225     64 pages   Paperback

Year 5 Maths10-Minute Tests  
This book offers 10 minute mini-tests - including Reasoning and Arithmetic papers.                 
ISBN: 9781407175263   64 pages   Paperback

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